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MAO. the better way.

a moment of taste.

Fruit Juice

Fruchtsaft - succo di frutta - jus de fruits

MAO. the better way.

MAO. like freshly squeezed.

Immerse yourself in moments of sensuality, joie de vivre and relaxation. Feel the nature! Not only taste the fruit, but also smell it, just as if it was freshly squeezed. These are the true values of MAO fruit juice, which consists exclusively of naturally matured, pure varietal taste and carefully selected fruits.


MAO Fruit juices are not only a fruit pleasure de luxe, but also haptical and optical experience.

100% recyclable steel

Pure Taste

100% mango taste

100% only 1 crop variety

100% authentic

100% natural

Transport / Storage

NO cooling chain necessary

Shelf life of 24 months

MAO Mango Dose mit Inhaltsstoffen
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NO added sugar

No preservatives

No synthetic flavours


Up to 20% less calories than other fruit juices

Enjoy Fruit the better way.

Fruit Juice

MAO Mango
MAO Mango

CONTENT: 30% mango juice, water, fructose, citric acid.

FRUIT - A mango tree grows up to 45m high and reaches a width of 10m at its top. After the blossoms have withered, it takes 4 to 6 months until the fruits have ripened to be harvested.

MAO Pineapple
MAO Pineapple

CONTENT: 100% pineapple juice with fruit flesh.

FRUIT - The wild species derive from the areas of South America. Pineapples are ground-growing plants, which grow up to 1.5 m high. Several berries grow into compact fruits on short stalks, until they are ready to be harvested.

MAO Blackcurrant
MAO Blackcurrant

CONTENT: 30% blackcurrant juice, water, fructose, citric acid.

FRUIT - The origin of the blackcurrant lies in Europe and Central Asia. It was cultivated relatively late and their shrubs become 1.0 to 1.8 m high.

MAO Cranberry
MAO Cranberry

CONTENT: 30% cranberry juice, water, fructose.

FRUIT - The natural home of the cranberry lies in North America. Later Cranberries were cultivated in Europe and Asia as well. The branches sprawl on ground level up to 1m per year.

MAO Nashi
MAO Nashi

CONTENT: 35% nashi juice, water, fructose, citric acid.

FRUIT - The nashi fruit was first discovered in China and Japan. Nashi is japanese and means pear, but visually and in taste it resembles a normal apple. The nashi tree grows 5 to 6m high.

MAO Pomegranate
MAO Pomegranate

CONTENT: 70% pomegranate juice, water, fructose.

FRUIT - Pomegranate is being cultivated from Middle Asia to the Mediterranean. It grows as a shrub and reaches heights of up to 6m. It can become a few hundred years old.

MAO Pomelo
MAO Pomelo

CONTENT: 70% pomelo juice with fruit flesh, water, fructose.

FRUIT - Pomelo is the largest of all citric fruits, it can reach diameters of up to 50 centimeters and over 1 kg of weight. The berries are egg-shaped and their paring is 1,5 - 4 centimeters thick.

MAO Lychee
MAO Lychee

CONTENT: 30% lychee juice, water, fructose, citric acid.

FRUIT - Lychee is an evergreen tree of about 30 metres height with hanging cymes, which become up to 70 centimetres long. Only few fruits develop from the numerous blossoms and grow to a round or oval lychee.

Mao. the better way.

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Drink the better way.

About Us

Our passion for fruit juices developed during one of our Asia trips in the streets of Bangkok / Thailand. As a consumer, who was dissatisfied with the market offer, this was where our unforgettable story started. Back in Neulengbach / Austria, we couldn't stop thinking of: "Fresh fruit juice, which just tastes like fresh fruit juice!" We went to enormous lengths in order to finally redefine the market and stay truee to our motto "less is more" and exactly that message can be found in every "touch point" of MAO. This naturalness "back to basic" combined with common sense "the better way" brought an incredible success. We are an austrian company and are now run internationally in the best hotels, restaurants and department stores that share this passion with us - A MOMENT OF TASTE.

MAO Fruchtsaft Besitzer - Günter Brückler

Günter Brückler

sole owner


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